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Sohma Estates

Let Fandom Ring

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Welcome to Sohma Estates. This community is for the sharing of fanfiction, graphics, pictures, fanart, backgrounds, and any other media pertaining to Fruits Basket. All different types of pairings are welcome.

1. No bashing of other people because of their favorite pairings.
2. All pairings are allowed. Yaoi, Yuri, and Het are all encouraged.
3. Please properly label everything so we all know what we're getting ourselves into when we click the link.
4. No stealing of art or fanfiction to claim as your own.
5. Be polite, if there is a post about a pairing you don't like or about subject matter that you don't like, then please do not read/look at the post.
6. Post long fictions, fanart, and posts containing backgrounds and/or more than three avatars behind a cut.