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First Night- Yuki/Haru [Dec. 2nd, 2006|09:36 pm]
Sohma Estates



Author: Bitterfig

Title: First Night

Fandom: Fruits Basket

Pairing: Souma Yuki/Souma Hatsuharu "Haru"

Summary: Set on the New Year’s Eve before the series begins.  Haru’s love for Yuki can not undo the damage wrought by Akito’s abuse. 

Beta-Reader: Nzomniac

Word Count: 1350

Rating: R

Warnings: Yaoi.  Sexual situations involving underaged characters (Yuki is about fifteen, Haru fourteen) who are also distant cousins (i.e. incest).  Masturbation.  References to child abuse. 

Disclaimer: I did not create these characters.  I do not profit in any way from their use. 

Author’s Notes: This is the first in a series of Fruits Basket stories for  [info]15pairings.  The prompt for this story was theme set 4:12 “No escape from being alone."  To view the progress chart for this series click here


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